Brother P-Touch QL-570

Brother P-Touch QL-570

Brother P-Touch QL-570 Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Prints Quickly And Quietly, Works Well With Apple And Windows Computers
    • The bad:
      No Color Option, Requires Connection To Computer

    The Brother P-Touch QL-570 is a professional high quality label printer perfect for personal and office use. Print with up to 300 x 600 dpi resolution, which is perfect for professional labels with graphics, logos and rounded text for mailing, shipping and administrative applications. The QL-570's super fast print speed makes up to 68 labels per minute.


    The printer also has a built in cutter and accepts labels up to 2.4" wide. The QL-570 comes with powerful but user-friendly P-touch editor V5 software. P-touch Editor V5 has 3 input modes. You can snap easy incorporation of images via screen capture. The QL-570 is a small yet flexible label printer. Designed with small business users in mind, the printer is compact. Measuring 14 x 20 x 14cm, it takes up only as much room on a table as a standard office telephone and its silver and grey finish is at home among much contemporary desktop equipment.


    The front panel is uncluttered, with a status LED and three buttons for power, paper feed, and paper cut. The top lid opens for dropping in a roll of labels or tape, and a bottom tray folds out to accept output that has been printed and cut. On the back you'll find connectors for power and a USB 2.0 cable. The QL-570 uses thermal printing technology, which uses heat to produce an image on specialty paper when it passes through the print head.


    The advantages of thermal printing are its speed and fairly quiet operation, plus you don't have to replace an ink cartridge. Each label takes about a second to print and Brother rates print speed at 68 labels per minute. The print dries instantly, so there's no smudging. Besides specialty thermal labels, the QL-570 only accepts label and tape rolls made by Brother. The continuous rolls come in a variety of sizes (up to 2.4 inches wide), and they come attached to plastic spool. The spools not only let you easily drop and load the roll into the printer, but they also tell the printer what type of label or tape it is.

    This auto-sensing feature then relays the info back to the computer software, which adjusts the onscreen template accordingly. The QL-570 also automatically feeds the paper to avoid misfeeds or bad prints due to paper that wasn't straightened correctly. Included with the printer are two starter rolls: 100 standard address labels and 25 feet of continuous length paper. Other types of paper include labels for CDs and DVDs, yellow tape, and file-folder labels. Setup and installation is typically straightforward, with a step-by-step guide in the form of a booklet. A single CD contains software and drivers for Windows 2000, XP and Vista, and Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later.


    The software comes in three modes: Snap, Express, and Professional. The Snap feature lets you capture an onscreen image to create a label instantly. Express is designed for casual users, while the Professional mode is for those who have custom templates or printing needs. You can also print directly from Word, Excel, and Outlook.


    Unfortunately, the printer doesn't work independently of a computer, as does Brother's P-touch Electronic brand of labelers. Prints with text are legible and sharp. The software lets you customize the type and size of the font, and you can manipulate images and text easily. Because the printer only has a resolution of 300x600, don't expect photo quality. Most of the images printed are often too dark, but you can adjust the contrast and brightness through the P-touch Editor.


     It would have been nice to print in one or more colors, as that would increase its appeal amongst hobbyists. Another minor complaint: The label tray wasn't effective in its job. After a label is cut, it tends to drop off everywhere else but inside the tray. All in all, The Brother P-Touch QL-570 is a very capable unit for turning out labels or name tags. The setup process is easy, the footprint is small enough to fit on nearly any desk, and the software is very robust.

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