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Badminton is one of the fastest games in the planet and if you want to stay fit while enjoying sports, this is one sport you must take up. Badminton can be played as singles or doubles games and they keep you engrossed throughout. All the badminton accessories are available online.


What to look for in badminton rackets and accessories?

Weight of the racket

There are three types of rackets – head heavy, head light and even balance. For starters, a lighter racket weighing between 85 to 90g is better to manage. These are easy to control and good for quick stroking speed. Heavier rackets are favoured by players having stronger wrists that they use to generate more power from the racket. However, the weight should never go above 100g. Rackets are generally graded as 1U to 4U (lightest to the heaviest). For the best experience, ensure you buy professional-grade shuttle cocks.

Balance Point

If you are a club player, opt for a head light racket and therefore with higher balance points. These are however not easy to control. A head light racket gives more manoeuvrability but less power.

String Tension

The tension of the racket should be checked by pressing your palm against the strings. It should not shrink more than 1mm. For applying more force into the strokes, you would need higher tension (22-23lbs). With more tension your strokes become more powerful.

Hand Grip

There are two types of badminton grips: towel (more absorbent and soft) and synthetic (sleek but less comfortable). Most racket manufacturers provide four grip sizes. In Japan, they range from G2 to G5 (biggest to the smallest). Bigger grips are preferred by those who want a tighter feel for generating more power. Smaller grips offer improved manoeuvrability.


How to choose your badminton racket to your need?

Badminton rackets for beginner

These are usually light at head and have flexible shaft. The player does not get tired easily and it improves the timing of the swing. The flexible shaft gives a better feel of the shot and improves the whipping-action.

Badminton rackets for intermediate players

These rackets have a medium stiff shaft and a tension of 21lbs or more. The shaft gives better control and the higher tension gives better feel, power and control to the player.

Badminton rackets for expert

These have stiff shaft and higher string tension (usually 24lbs or higher) and therefore present more control and precision shot.


What are the most popular badminton rackets?

The YonexVoltric Apollo Strung Racquet is a head heavy racquet for players at an intermediate level. The aerodynamic shape of the head allows for less air resistance and the box shape at the bottom offers stability.

The YonexVoltric Z-Force II Badminton Frame is used by professional badminton players. The strings in this racquet are of equal length and this creates a bigger sweet spot.

The YonexNanoray 70DX Strung Racquet is a head light racquet with isometric design. The T-joint is inbuilt and this allows for greater accuracy of shots. This racquet is designed for more control and accuracy.



Badminton is not just about the racquet but also other accessories like shuttle cocks and clothing. To be able to play like a pro, you need everything falling in place. Making a precise shopping decision is important here and this is the reason you should shop online and save money too.

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