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Compare our range of business and productivity softwares, from renowed developpers like MYOB, Microsoft, Adobe or FileMaker. With Shopbot you can find the software that fits your needs to enhance your productivity, always at the best price.

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Buying guide


Choosing your Business-Software


Use specific business-software applications


There are some software applications that are pre-installed. These are provided by your computer manufacturers. These applications indeed help you in doing some basic work. But this is not how an intelligent computer performs. You need to find out about the different kinds of software applications that are available for your PC and use them. For instance, Tally is the most well-known software for those who use PCs for accounting work. There are such examples in every domain.


Make sure your system is compatible


Compatibility is the most important issues in finding the right kind of business-software. The IT companies across the world spend time and money on R&D so that they can come up with software applications that would be sold worldwide. The best example is MS-Office, a software suite that has monopoly in the world market. Every software has different versions to be compatible with the advanced operating systems (OS) that we see coming up every few years. You shouldn’t want to change your PC’s OS just because you bought a business-software that requires another version of the OS. Rather, research in advance and only buy what can work.


Download business-software from a reputed source


Safety is, needless to say, something to look at when you are planning to purchase and download some business-software application. Most people pay online to download applications and you may do the same. However, you should only purchase authentic versions of business-software applications. There are websites that allow you to download pirated versions of business-software applications. Never opt for this choice because these could be fakes or worse, computer viruses that can cause havoc with your computer network system.


Some basic business-software applications that you require


adobe suiteThere are some basic business-software applications that you should have in your computer. This is apart from the specific ones that you need for your business.


Anti-virus software – There are millions types of viruses that reside in the online world. Without a proper anti-virus, you can easily fall prey to them.


Office software – While MS-Office is the most popular option here, there are other (and sometimes cheaper) options available too. This is one software you always need in a PC.


Media software – If you have a home office, you would sometimes want to play music while working. Even if you don’t have a home office, you may still need media software to go through media files. You should have one in your PC.


Backup software – Many users think backup software is not needed. Many of them cry when they lose their precious files. You must use this software to back up all your files.


Web browser – No business can work without the internet and you cannot access the internet without a web browser. Google Chrome is the runaway leader in this space, followed by Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft has also come up with its new Edge web browser along with its Windows 10 release. You can even try this one.


Compare prices before purchasing


Pricing is another important element when purchasing business-software applications. If you compare online, you can make some small savings when downloading from specific sites. However, ensure that these are trusted sites and you are purchasing an authentic and licensed business-software application.


Which business-software for which use?


MS-Office is the most popular business-software application and it sells worldwide. The benefit of MS-Office is that you can buy the entire suite of products or you can even buy parts of the suite. The most popular in Canada include Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013, Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013, Microsoft Office Professional 2010, Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010.




Apart from MS-Office, there are specific types of business-software applications that you can purchase. Some of the most popular software products in Canada are Adobe eLearning Suite 2, Corel Wordperfect Office X6 Home & Student, Filemaker Inc. Up Fr Filemaker Pro 11 Adv and Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2015.


For Windows users, the most popular business-software applications include Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student RT, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013, Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2015.


For Mac users, the most popular business-software applications include Microsoft Office for Home and Student 2011 Mac, Microsoft Software Office Home and Student 2013, Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 32/64-bit - Office Suite - Non-commercial and Corel CA WordPerfect Office X7 Home & Student.


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