Cooktops and Gas Cooktops are practical and compact solutions to many kitchen needs. As a central piece of any kitchen in modern or traditional households, it definitely deserves special attention when it is being considered for purchase. With the help of Shopbot's buying guide and comparison tools, you will have a better understanding of what kind of cooktop you might need, and of how to make the best acquisition for the best price.

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    1. ELECTROLUX EHG46341FK (former EHG6341FOK)
    2. ELECTROLUX EHG46341FK (former EHG6341FOK)

      Induction heating and power within reachWith this combined hob are available both electric and induction cooking zones, and you can freely choose... More

    3. $851.00

      Hob2Hood Stop+Go Integrated 60cm Induction Hob, Black The fastest kitchen partnerWith our induction hob, the heat is instant, so pans warm up and... More

    3. $880.00
    1. AEG HKL65410FB
    2. AEG HKL65410FB

      60 cm, 4-fold induction, MaxiSense®Plus induction hob, Hob²Hood function bridge function, power function, STOP & GO functionMaxiSense®, the... More

    3. $955.00
    1. AEG HC451221EB
    2. AEG HC451221EB

      CrystalLine - all the ingredients for a customized hob solutionThe kitchen environment has too much on offer to be tied to one type of cooking. The... More

    3. $1,042.00
    1. SIEMENS ET375MF11E
    2. SIEMENS ET375MF11E

      Design:Stainless steel facetted design with front facette and side profilesTouch control at front sideElectronic displayTouchSlider...

    3. $990.00

      The hob that lets your creativity run freeThe Infinite Induction hob gives you maximum freedom. As long as they cover one of the four marked... More

    3. $1,225.00
    1. MIELE KM 6318
    2. MIELE KM 6318

      QualityAll Miele appliances will give exceptional performance and are tested for up to 20 years of average use.No. of cooking zones4 Useable... More

    3. $3,006.00
    1. MIELE CS 1312 BG
    2. MIELE CS 1312 BG

      DesignSolid stainless steel frame on all four sidesSolid metal knobsEmbossed Miele logoUser convenienceMetal knobs on separate control panelGrill... More

    3. $1,924.00
    1. MIELE CS 1327 Y
    2. MIELE CS 1327 Y

      DesignSolid stainless steel surface with large drip channelSolid metal knobsEmbossed Miele logoUser convenienceMetal knobs on separate control... More

    3. $3,336.00
    1. SMEG SI3633B
    2. SMEG SI3633B

      black ceramic surface, bevelled edging580mmW x 510mmD x 64mmH (60mmH benchtop displacement)cutout 560mmW x 490mmDbuilt-in hobcapacity three zones... More

    3. $1,362.00
    1. BOSCH PIP875N14E
    2. BOSCH PIP875N14E

      Style:80 cm induction hob glass ceramicHigh-speed glass-ceramic , without decorComfort:Direct Select ClassicTimer with switch-off function for each... More

    3. $2,246.00
    1. GAGGENAU VP 414 110
    2. GAGGENAU VP 414 110

      Vario Teppan YakiRoasting and cooking according to Japanese tradition directly on a smooth metal plate provides greater accuracy than with a pan or... More

    3. $3,880.00
    1. BOSCH PKU375N14E
    2. BOSCH PKU375N14E

      stainless steel 30 cm, Barbecue grillDesign:Facette front and rear, side profilesCan be combined with 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm hobsRemovable black... More

    3. $1,063.00
    1. GAGGENAU VK 230 114
    2. GAGGENAU VK 230 114

      Vario steamer The VK 230 steamer allows full steam cooking in a small space - for healthy cooking without losing vitamins. Its applications range... More

    3. $9,046.00
    1. GAGGENAU VR 230 134
    2. GAGGENAU VR 230 134

      Vario electric grillThe 28 cm wide Vario deep fryer VF 230 boasts an impressive three-zone basin, precise temperature regulation and integrated... More

    3. $7,568.00
    1. NEFF TT 4597 X (T45T97X0)
    2. NEFF TT 4597 X (T45T97X0)

      Without frame for flush installation in natural stone or tiled work surfaces5 induction cooking zones2 x FlexInduction zone with 2 utilization... More

    3. $3,011.00
    1. SIEMENS EH685DB11E
    2. SIEMENS EH685DB11E

      Professional equipmentdisc control operation (multi)4 induction cooking zones1 with automatically zuschaltender BräterzoneStyle:disc control... More

    3. $1,977.00
    1. SIEMENS EH845MM11E
    2. SIEMENS EH845MM11E

      Professional equipment5 induction cooking zonesStyle:Flat frame designGlass-ceramic without decorComfort:touchSlider operation (mono)17 power... More

    3. $1,876.00
    1. GAGGENAU VL 414 111
    2. GAGGENAU VL 414 111

      Vario downdraft ventilation - Stainless steel, without motor and control knobMain factsHighly efficient ventilation system close to the cooktopUp... More

    3. $1,765.00
    1. AEG HK856600FB
    2. AEG HK856600FB

      80cm MaxiSense Plus™ Induction hob with Stop+Go feature.Put your pans everywhere, with MaxiSense Plus® hobFor the ultimate level of flexibility,... More

    3. $1,723.00
    1. SIEMENS EH645BA18E
    2. SIEMENS EH645BA18E

      Modern induction cooker - for faster, safer, cleaner and more economical cooking.With touchContol cooking zones are operated with just a light... More

    3. $886.00

      The hob that lets your creativity run freeThe Infinite Induction hob gives you maximum freedom. As long as they cover one of the four marked... More

    3. $876.00

      Induction hob with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking.vario induction Plus adjusts the cooking zones to cookware up to 30 cm... More

    3. $3,858.00
    1. BOSCH PIE645BB1E
    2. BOSCH PIE645BB1E

      The induction cooking zones so you cook quickly, safely and cleanly with low energy consumption.Induction: fast, pinpoint cooking, easy cleaning... More

    3. $1,334.00
    1. AEG HKM89400IG
    2. AEG HKM89400IG

      80 cm, MaxiSense®Plus induction hob, MaxiSight® color display, ProFry sensor, power function, STOP & GO function, OptiHeat Control, frameless... More

    3. $1,854.00

      Induction hob with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking. More

    3. $1,740.00
    1. NEFF TBD 4813 N (T48BD13N0)
    2. NEFF TBD 4813 N (T48BD13N0)

      Induction - The heat is in the induction heating generated directly in cookware for precise, pinpoint cooking without subsequent cooking.Combizone... More

    3. $1,670.00
    1. NEFF TBD 4653 N (T46BD53N0)
    2. NEFF TBD 4653 N (T46BD53N0)

      Cooking zones:17 Power Rankings4 induction zonescombination ZonePowerBoost for all induction zones2-fold residual heat indicator per cooking... More

    3. $1,636.00
    1. NEFF TBT 4644 NK
    2. NEFF TBT 4644 NK

      OperationTwistPad® FlatFlexibilityCombi-Zone4 induction cooking zonesComfortPower level for potsPower level for pans17 power levelsDigital display... More

    3. $1,843.00
    1. BOSCH PXY801KE1E
    2. BOSCH PXY801KE1E

      The induction cooker with cooking and BratSensor Plus to get the best results.PerfectFry: for an optimal tanning degree of the frying material... More

    3. $2,394.00
    1. GAGGENAU VI 230 134
    2. GAGGENAU VI 230 134

      Vario induction cooktop - Aluminium control panelThe VI 230 is an efficient induction cooktop for fast, precise cooking. Thanks to automatic pot... More

    3. $2,763.00
    1. AEG HK973500FB
    2. AEG HK973500FB

      Superior flexibilityThe OptiZone induction cooktops are developed with cooking zones which detect pan presence and location and are not restricted... More

    3. $1,875.00
    1. MIELE CS 1223 I
    2. MIELE CS 1223 I

      DesignSolid stainless steel frame on all four sidesSolid metal knobsEmbossed Miele logoUser convenienceMetal knobs on separate control panelCooking... More

    3. $3,658.00
    1. AEG HK854420XB
    2. AEG HK854420XB

      Put your pans everywhere, with MaxiSense® hobFor the ultimate level of flexibility, the zones on this induction hob adapt automatically to your... More

    3. $1,534.00
    1. NEFF TT 4348 N
    2. NEFF TT 4348 N


    3. $1,996.00
    1. BOSCH NIF645CB1M
    2. BOSCH NIF645CB1M


    3. $1,707.00

      PRE-ORDER IS AVAILABLE, FOR APRIL DISPATCH!Induction Cooking with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking with flush design.vario... More

    3. $2,485.00
    1. AEG HKE64459XB
    2. AEG HKE64459XB

      60 cm, 4-fold induction MaxiSense Plus (4x21cm), Bridge function electronic feature, Direct Control, stainless steel frame with EXCLUSIVE lettering More

    3. $1,271.00
    1. AEG HK674400IB
    2. AEG HK674400IB

      60 cm, MaxiSense induction hob, Pure Design, power function, bridge function, STOP & GO function OptiHeat Control, Direct Control, Frameless More

    3. $1,601.00
    1. BOSCH PIA645B68E
    2. BOSCH PIA645B68E

      The induction cooking range: so you can cook quickly, safely and cleanly with low energy consumption. More

    3. $1,461.00
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