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Digital camcorders are becoming more compact, portable, convenient and easier to use. It is the ideal companion to capture and record all of your unforgettable moments. With simple functions, you do not need to be an expert to produce your own movie. You are the director of your life! You can easily carry those important moments in your computer. A wonderful trip, a fantastic party or an unforgettable celebration can be revived in HD any time with the simple push of a button: PLAY. There are several models with different functions available according to your needs, from brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC or Samsung.

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Buying guide


Pocket cameras and smartphones have made a large dent in the digital camcorders market but these gadgets are still highly popular. This is partially due to the technology changes that the manufacturers have made in these products. Today, you get the best high definition digital camcorders that are lightweight, both size-wise and on the pocket. You get sharper videos, more vibrant colours and smoother motion capture using the modern digital camcorders. As far as shopping for this product is concerned, you need some detailed information before you hit the online stores.




Canon CamcorderChoosing your Digital Camcorder




Pocket-size or full-featured digital camcorders


You first need to decide whether you need a full-featured digital camcorders or pocket digital camcorders. If you opt for the first type, then you get features like optical image stabilization, stereo sound and optical zoom lenses and many more. The latter option includes more economic gadgets that are compact and allow you to easily share media online. It is recommended that you opt for a full-featured camcorder so that you are able to take the benefit of all the advanced features.




More pixels mean better media


Digital camcorders, as the name suggests, have digital imaging sensors. As a result, the more the number of pixels, better is the quality of your images and videos. A standard digital camcorder will have 680K pixel and you will be able to capture good quality images and videos. But if you decide to spend more (and you should), then you get digital camcorders that capture astounding images and videos. When looking for these gadgets, pay attention to the megapixel count.




Storage in digital camcorders


Storage – this is one point you cannot ignore when shopping for digital camcorders. Media takes up a lot of space and if you are in the habit of carrying your camcorder with you all the time, then you better get a larger storage space. Some of the camcorders have in-built hard drive, but you may need more space. A more convenient option is to look for camcorders where the memory is in the form of flash drives and memory cards. The advantage here is that you can remove the storage form and transfer the files to your computer and then reuse the memory.




Samsung camcorder HDOptical zoom for more in images and videos


Opt for full-featured digital camcorders and you get optical zoom that ranges between 10x to 70x. The lenses in these camcorders are bigger, resulting in better images and videos even in low light. Some of these camcorders also have wide-angle focal lengths, allowing you to capture more in one shot.




The sound element


When you capture videos using your digital camcorder, you also need to capture the sound. The modern camcorders offer 2-channel stereo and you also get 5.1 surround sound in some of the gadgets. When you play your video in your 5.1 sound system, the impact is just magnificent!




Larger screen size in LCD


While it may not have the greatest impact, the screen size does matter in digital camcorders. With a larger screen, you are able to view your subject that much better. LCD screens are not only clearer for you to see what you are capturing using your digital camcorder, but they also offer clearer pictures when you use the playback mode.




Other features in digital camcorders


There are some other features that you also need to consider.






You should look at digital camcorders with more battery capacity. This will prove to be useful when you are out and there are no power outlets for charging the batteries.






The easier the controls, easier it is for you to use your digital camcorder. Complex controls will eat into your concentration. Many of the modern digital camcorders go easy on this point and you should have a lot of models to consider.




Image stabilization


To ensure that the images and videos don’t get distorted because of your shaking hands, the modern digital camcorders come with electronic or optical image stabilization, the latter being better and slightly more expensive.




Low light mode


Some of the modern digital camcorders have slow shutter mode that allow you to capture HD images and videos in low light.




Which digital camcorders for which use?


Digital camcorders with memory cards offer you unlimited memory because you can transfer the files. Some of the best models with memory cards are Canon Vixia HF R600, Sony HDR-PJ540, Panasonic HC-X920, JVC 1.5-Megapixel 1080P High-Definition Everio Digital Video Camera and Panasonic AG-AC90.




Most of the modern digital camcorders have flash in place so that you can capture images and videos in low light. Some of the top models to consider are Sony HDR-CX405, Canon Vixia HF R60, Samsung HMX-F80 Flash Memory HD Digital Video Camcorder, Canon HF R62 and Sony HDR-PJ440.






One model that has image stabilization is Sony Handycam HDRPJ440B Full HD Camcorder with built-in Projector. This is a model worth looking at.




As far as the best models in digital camcorders are concerned, look for the best names in these products. The companies for you to compare include Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC and Samsung.



Sony camcorder HD

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