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DVDs have taken over CDs big time because they allow for larger storage space. And to write data into a DVD, you need a DVD burner. Earlier on, all the computers had DVD burners inside the CPU. But now with computers becoming smaller and slimmer, there is a huge demand in the market for external DVD burners. These devices used to be expensive once upon a time, but now you can buy them at very reasonable prices. There is a wide range of options that you can choose from. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Apple MacBook Air SuperDriveTips to Choose your DVD burner


Choose the Right Speed for Fast Writing

A DVD has a storage space of 4.7 GB and can run media for about 3 hours. Writing into a DVD can be a time consuming affair and this is why you need to look at the write speed of a DVD burner. If you choose a DVD burner with 22X write speed, you will need less than 3 minutes to fill an entire DVD. The same amount of data will take 8 minutes to be written into a DVD when you use a DVD burner with 8X write speed.


Ensure Speed Compatibility with Optical Drive

However, it is not just the speed of the DVD burner that matters here. For instance, if you have a DVD burner with 22X writing speed and your optical drive has a writing speed of 8X, you don’t get the benefit of 22X. It is best to match the two so that optimum writing is possible. The best option is to choose media that exceeds the write speed of the drive or at least matches it.


Asus SDRW-08D2S-UIncrease space with Double-Layer support technology

As far as optimizing the space is concerned, look for double-layer support technology in your DVD burner. This technology allows for recording 2 layers of data on the single side of a DVD disc. So, effectively, you are able to increase the data storage space from 4.7 GB to 8.5 GB. The older DVD players may not support this technology, but the new ones certainly do.


Blu-Ray DVD burners for the best quality videos

Nothing beats Blu-Ray technology in terms of visual pleasure. Blu-Ray movies take up a lot of space and the difference in display is palpable. A Blu-Ray disc can also hold lot more data. Each side of these discs can hold 25 GB of data, giving you 50 GB storage space in total. The Blu-Ray DVD burners are still rather expensive, but the prices have been steadily coming down. If you simply don’t want to compromise on the quality of the video output, a Blu-Ray DVD burner is what you need.


LG Electronics LG USB 3.0 Blu-ray DVD BurnerUse LightScribe and LabelFlash software for creating artworks

To add a touch of professionalism to the DVD discs that you create, a good idea is to consider technologies like LightScribe and LabelFlash. These are software applications that allow you to etch labels on the DVDs that you burn. If you want some artwork on the non-data side of a DVD, these are the applications that can do that for you. The only issue with LightScribe and LabelFlash is that they are still expensive. However, if your business requires you to create branded DVDs, these can offer the best solutions.


Read online and compare

Reading online reviews of DVD burners is an activity you should undertake. There are plenty of options available in terms of brands and you simply need to choose the best. As you go through the reviews, you will also be able to compare the prices and make a wise purchasing decision. Choose to buy online so that you are able to choose from more options and save money.


Top DVD Burners you should Check


If you have a Mac, there are specific DVD burners that you need to choose from. The Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive (photo 1) is the most popular DVD burner for Apple. As with other Apple products, this DVD burner is more expensive. But you get the same performance and aesthetics as you get from any Apple product.


For individual use, a 22X DVD burner is good enough for you. You can burn entire movies in less than 3 minutes using 22X speed. The top products boasting 22X speed are Asus DRW-24F1ST, LG GP50NB40 and Asus SDRW-08D2S-U (photo 2).


Blu-Ray movies have the best quality and there is no arguing about this fact. There are some top Blu-Ray DVD burners that you can use to create superb video DVDs. The top products to consider in this category are LG Electronics LG USB 3.0 Super Multi Blue External 14x Blu-ray Disc Rewriter (photo 3), Aleratec 1:8 Standalone Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicator and EZ Dupe EZdupe BRPIOB2 BD DVD CD Duplicator Blu Ray Writer 12X.


The best manufacturers of DVD burners are household names in the world of electronics. Consider DVD burners from HP, Samsung, Asus, LG and Sony and you will never have issues with your DVD burner.

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