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Buying guide

Choosing your foundation makeup


Consult a skin specialist for the right information on foundation types

The easiest way for you to select your foundation is to consult an expert. You maybe visit hair and makeup salons from time to time. The next time you visit, ask for the skin specialist. They should be able to evaluate your skin and let you know the type of foundation makeup that you should use. You may even consider visiting a dermatologist so that you get the information that you need.


Match foundation makeup with skin colour

The job of a foundation makeup is to create a base for the makeup by staying invisible. This means that you should buy a foundation that matches the colour of your skin. This is not a difficult job. When you research about your skin type, you will find that it will fall into one of the categories as specified by dermatologists. The foundation labels also contain the name of the skin colour type that they are meant for. It’s all about matching 2 and 2 and getting the right foundation makeup. It is said that to match the colour of your skin and that of the foundation, it is best to apply the foundation near your jawline. This is not possible when you purchase online, but once you have the information, you can always go back to online shopping and find the best prices. Indeed, you know that makeup can be prohibitely expensive in concrete shops.


Match foundation makeup with skin undertone

Perhaps the most important measure for buying a foundation makeup is your skin undertone. Skin undertones can be of different colours. Your skin undertone could in most of cases be brown, yellow or peach. The next step is obvious – you need to buy a foundation makeup with the same undertone. This is the way you can make the foundation disappear while still being there on your skin surface.


Know about your skin type

Finding out about your skin type also helps you purchase the right foundation makeup. For instance, your skin type may be normal and this means that you can afford to buy the standard foundation makeup. However, if your skin type is dry or oily, then there are specific foundation products that are meant to be applied. And you will come to know about these foundation products as you go through the product labels.


Consider the best products

There are perhaps hundreds of cosmetic product manufacturing companies in the world. Since we are talking of something as sensitive as your skin, it is always good to opt for the best known brands and their products. However, you must keep in mind that not even the best foundation may be suitable for your skin and may even cause allergies. Hence, it is important that you consult an expert and use a recommended product. This should take care of any rashes or inflammations.


Which foundation makeup for which use?


If your skin has issues with moisturizing, opting for a cream foundation makes sense. Cream foundation has more consistency and is thicker than the other types of foundations and a small amount of this foundation can create the perfect coating on the skin. It not only creates a base for makeup, but also keeps your skin hydrated for longer hours. The Scott Barnes cream foundation and similar products from Bare Escentuals are known to be good.


The most commonly used foundation is the compact foundation. You would know that this form of foundation is ideal for a quick dab and lets you hitch up your look before you step into a party. For women like you who don’t have extensive time for makeup, the compact is a fantastic product. Manufacturers like Bobbi Brown, Christian Dior or Shiseido produce some of the finest compacts that you will ever come across.


For a wider range of coverage ranging from light and silky textures to heavy makeup base, nothing beats liquid foundation. Along with compacts, liquid foundations also have a large number of users because these products are among the most versatile in this segment. Liquid foundations are available for all skin types and they offer a totally natural look to your skin. Liquid foundations from Clinique and Bourjois Matt are among the best selling in the world.


For those special events where you need more than the standard foundations, there are some special products that are highly useful. For the lightest coverage, sheer foundation is what you need. For a natural and fresh glow on your skin, choose from illuminating foundations. The other options that you have this segment are tinted moisturizers, mineral foundations and primers.

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