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This is a great time to buy a GPS (Global Positioning System) outdoor device. Although we are in the age of smartphones and tablets and a GPS outdoor device may seem out of time, it is still a useful and exciting device. A GPS outdoor device today not only finds out routes and ways for you, but also performs other jobs like delivering traffic info or voice guidance. Those satellites up in the sky are amazing at locating you whatever the place you are in. Wether you are a cyclist, a hiker or just an avid explorer, there are a few features which are bound to appeal to you. Here is our guide to find the best outdoor GPS according to your needs: Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Garmin Monterra is one such GPS outdoor deviceChoosing you GPS Outdoor device

Pick a GPS with many channels

When you use a GPS outdoor device, you don’t expect to get lost. Unfortunately, a GPS cannot decide which of the satellites to access. This happens in a natural way depending on your position relative to the position of the satellites. Hence, what you need is a device that can receive access to as many satellites as possible and for this, more channels are required. When you look for a GPS outdoor device, it is important that you choose one that has 12 or 14 satellites. This will ensure that you are never out of range.


Pre-installed and downloadable maps

Almost all the GPS outdoor devices have a couple of maps installed inside. You buy a GPS in Canada and you can rest assured that the maps of Canada and the USA will be pre-installed in it. However, these maps may not be enough, especially if you are out somewhere else in the world. You will then need to purchase additional maps that are bound to cost you. When you buy a GPS outdoor device, you should consider the cost of installing new maps and also the cost of getting a base map installed in the device. The lower this cost, more is what you get from your GPS.

Cobra GPS 500 1 1 Inch Portable GPS NavigatorExtra features to look for

GPS receivers, outdoor ones offer special features. One can choose these features depending upon their requirements.

Text to Speech

The text to speech is one of the most convenient ways of navigating. Through this, one doesn’t have to necessarily glance at the screen to know which turn has to be taken. In this feature, an automated voice directly provides navigational directions such as, “Take a right turn 50 meters ahead.” This feature has several voiceover options.

Address Input

This feature allows user to provide destination address via voice and the GPS would find directions for the same. It will also update maps for information and at the same time, provide details about different and alternate routes that can be taken.

Traffic details

Sometimes, driving through the city gives people a headache. Crowded lanes, traffic jams can pose a problem, especially if one is getting late. This is where these GPS navigators can be of help. They provide traffic details and lane assist, providing information about alternate routes and helping one zig-zag between different streets, multilane expressways along with jug handles and routes that seem complicated.

Waterproof Screen

While buying GPS Outdoor navigator, one should ensure that the screen is water resistant. This is because while trekking, hiking or going in a marine incursion, one needs a waterproof GPS that can deal with difficult circumstances and is rugged enough to be reliable and sturdy. Screen protectors can keep GPS as good as new and help to reduce any kinds of screen deterioration over a period of time. Plus, they offer better protection of one’s investment. It's no fun to spend a couple hundred dollars in a device that is going to fail in the first storm it gets caught into.


Some GPS systems, including GPS Outdoor come with Wi-Fi in-built technology. This enables individuals to download new maps, routes and update their areas or find newer places of interest at a particular destination. Some of these systems also feature E-Multimedia playback system. Therefore, while one is in the car, they can listen to their favorite music or else feel entertained while hiking on a difficult trek. Some of them also offer connections for iPod and MP3 players.


Sony NVU73T 4.3 Inch Widescreen Portable GPS NavigatorTop GPS outdoor devices for each use


Those GPS outdoor devices that can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi can prove to be extremely useful when you want to download new maps on the way. Garmin Monterra is one such GPS outdoor device (photo 1).


If you are looking at a larger screen size, 5 or 7 inch for instance, there are quite a few models that you can choose from. The bestselling GPS outdoor devices with larger screens include Garmin Oregon 650t, Cobra GPS 500 1 1 Inch Portable GPS Navigator (photo 2), Garmin Oregon 600 and Garmin Oregon 650.


The standard GPS outdoor devices have screen sizes ranging between 3.5 inches and 4.3 inches and you have some fantastic products within this screen size range. Consider the top selling options including:

- Uniden TRAX350 Maptrax 3.5 Inch GPS Navigation System

- Sony NVU73T 4.3 Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (photo 3)

- RightWay 430 4.3 Inch Portable GPS Navigator

- MyGuide 3000 3050 3.5 Inch Portable GPS Navigator

- Harman Kardon GPS 510 4 Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator and Media Player.


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