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Choosing your Smartwatch


What kind of notifications do you want?

One of the main reasons why you would buy a smartwatch is because you would want to get those smartphone notifications on it. Now you need to go through the features of the different smartwatches, make sure you go through those models that offer you the notifications that you want. For instance, you can choose a smartwatch that shows you part of a text message or one that shows full messages. It is for you to choose.


The aesthetics

Considering the fact that your smartwatch is going to follow you everywhere and appear on your wrist all day long, look matters. This is the reason why the companies are investing time and money in launching smartwatches that can take your breath away in just one glance. Apple, Motorola and Samsung products are ones of choice in this domain.


The display

Consider the different smartwatches launched by the different companies and you will find out that they have all different displays. There are some smartwatches that have black and white screens and then there are those brilliant colours diplays. There are some smartwatches with digital display, some with analog display and some with both. It is best to have a look at the different models and choose what pleases your eyes.


Remote functions of your smartwatch and apps

When you buy a smartwatch, you of course look at functions more than just notifications. For instance, you may want a function that allows you to find your smartphone; or you may want one touch logging into Foursquare to indicate your geographical position. Your smartwatch will also have different apps for you to choose from. Again, think of why you need your smartwatch and make your decision accordingly. For a perfect compatibility, you can also choose the same brand for your smartwatch than your smartphone!


Ease of repair and availability of smartwatch parts

There will be times when you would need to have someone repair your smartwatch. There will be times when certain parts of your smartwatch would need to be replaced. Now these watches are manufactured keeping the highest quality standards in mind. But that doesn’t mean that you will not need repairs and replacement of parts. This is when you wouldn’t want to run around all over the place to find a service centre. Therefore, especially if you have an habit of breaking your things, choose a brand that comes with a good warranty!


The price consideration

Smartwatches can be expensive and they can be moderately priced. If you want all the high end functions, then you need to pay more for your smartwatch. But your budget may not allow you to buy the most expensive smartwatch. There is a delicate balance that you will need to maintain.


Which smartwatch for which use?

If you want the best status symbol when you wear your smartwatch, you should wait for the Apple iWatch to be released (March 2015). Apple has already released promos of its iWatch and you should go through it to see what this watch can offer you. And we can safely tell you that you will not be disappointed.


If voice is your requirement, then Samsung Gear 2 is your solution. This smartwatch has a built-in speaker and microphone and you can call anyone or receive calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. This smartwatch also has an integrated camera and heart beat monitor. And then it features the Samsung S Voice, a functionality that allows you to look up contacts and even the weather.


The Samsung Gear Fit has everything that you need in a smartwatch and more for your fitness. On one hand it shows you Facebook notifications and emails and on the other hand, it monitors your heart beat and tells you how you are performing during your workouts.


For almost the best of everything, including gorilla glass, E Ink display and intuitive UI, Pebble Steel is the smartwatch you need to look out for. The Pebble App Store has more than 100 apps and it is one of the most stylish smartwatches in the market. For more budget conscious buyers, the earlier version of the Pebble smartwatch is a great buy.

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