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A wide range of handheld devices may have flooded the market, but when you want to mimic a cinema like experience at home, nothing can beat a home theater. With the right combination of gadgets, you can sometimes even exceed the multimedia experience that some of the commercial cinemas provide! And at the heart of your home theater is your home theater speaker system. With a great speaker system, you can live the movies that you watch at home. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

<Title>Choosing your Home Theater Speaker System</Title>

<Subtitle>Read about them</Subtitle>
Finding out relevant information about home theater speaker systems is easy. You can find out everything about these speakers online. Pay special attention to not only the best brands available in the market, but look at other pieces of information too. Get to know how the different parts of a home theater speaker system work. There is the center channel speaker, the front speakers on the left and right, the surround speakers and the sub-woofers. You need to know about all of them.

<Subtitle>Identify your Purpose</Subtitle>
Why do you want a home theater speaker system? Is it for watching movies or is it just for listening to music? If it is movies then opt for a system with the best center channel speaker with the best sub-woofer. If it is music only, opt for a system with the best front left and right speakers. The idea is to get the best possible experience and thus, to choose the most appropriate speaker system.

<Subtitle>Consider the space</Subtitle>
Take a look around the space available in your home and then decide whether you want a full blown home theater speaker system or a system that would be considered adequate. Too much sound in too little space will not give you that "sound you feel inside your body". The sound created would be rather jarring and could be defined as noise! On the other hand, if you don’t get that sound, the entire concept of such a speaker system would be defeated. So, make your choice carefully after measuring the space that you have available.


<Subtitle>Check compatibility</Subtitle>
Do you already have a TV at home and want to connect your home theater speaker system to it? If this is the case, make sure you consider compatibility as one of the critical elements. If you have a large TV, then opt for large speakers. There is also the system compatibility to consider. There could be various permutations and combinations possible. If you cannot make up your mind, ask an expert.

<Subtitle>Compare online</Subtitle>
Before deciding on a particular home theater speaker system, make sure you compare it with other brands and models. It is possible that you are partial toward a particular brand, but you may get better value for money from another brand. There is also the matter of money to be considered. Some speaker systems cost a bomb and may cause a rather large dent in your pocket. This is an important consideration to make.


Philips soundbar


<Title>Which home theater speaker system for which use?</Title>
There is a lot to look at when you plan to purchase a home theater speaker system. This is because of the immense range of products available in this segment.

It is important to choose a home theater speaker system with the best center channel speaker when your main purpose is watching movies. This is because such a system will focus the sound on the action happening on the screen. A great center channel speaker will also balance the entire system.

For the best movie watching experience, consider a home theater speaker system with an excellent powered sub-woofer. The deep bass of a powered sub-woofer will create fuller and life-like sound that will make your movie come alive in your home theater room. The low frequency impact created by a powered sub-woofer also makes you identify those minute details of music that you would listen to.

A home theater speaker system with the best left and right front speakers is ideal for listening to music. These speakers not only reproduce the music better, but also handle most of the special effects. For the best music impact, you may want to consider front speakers that stand on the floor. Satellite and bookshelf speakers can also create impact and you have the benefit of being able to move them about easily. It may be a good idea to add a powered sub-woofer to these speakers.

And of course, if you are looking for that Dolby like experience, a home theater speaker system with the best surround speakers is a must for you. If your room is not too large, a 5.1 channel surround system should work fine. If the room is large, you may even consider a 6.1 or a 7.1 channel surround system. You should also look at the Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

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