Ice Makers

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Buying guide

Choosing your ice maker


Find an ice maker that makes different types of ices

There are different types of ices that you can make in an ice maker. The most common ice makers are those that make cube shaped ices. These are the ices that we see most commonly. When you make ice in an ice tray, you get these same cubes. However, there are ice makers that make dices, half dices, nuggets and tubes. These are all shapes of ices by the way. You can also buy an ice maker that can help you make flaked and crushed ice. 

Consider the size of the ice maker

The amount of ice you require should also help you decide on the ice maker. Essentially there are 2 types of ice makers available in terms of ice production – domestic and commercial. There is no need to explain the difference between the two. Bottom line is that if you need ice for your home parties, a domestic ice maker is good enough for you. An ice maker capable of churning out 10kg of ice in a day is something that you may want to look at.

Tastier ice with a water filter

If the water supply in your locality is of great quality, you don’t need a separate ice filter. However, if you care about the taste of your ice (this may seem strange because water and ice are supposed to be tasteless), you should attach a water filter to the ice maker. You will be able to make out that subtle better taste in the ice when you have a water filter supplying the water to the ice maker.

Find the right place for installing your ice maker

Continuing with water supply, you need to buy an ice maker that can be installed near a water supply outlet. Most people have their ice makers in the kitchens and you may want to choose the same room for installation. Just make sure that there is enough space for the ice maker to be installed near a water supply outlet. This again takes you back to the point where you need to decide on the size of the ice maker that you should buy. 

The size of the ice bin matters

The size of the ice machine bin also warrants attention when you are in the process of buying an ice maker. If the size compatibility between the two is mismatched, you will either have too less ice or too much of it. If the bin is too small, you will need to use the ice maker again and again. This is a boring job especially when you are enjoying a party at home. If the bin is too large, you could end up producing too much ice. In both the cases, there will be extra power required and this will scale up your energy bill. If you leave ice in the bin unattended, it will attract viruses and bacteria and may cause health issues. Stagnant water can indeed become quite problematic in those cases.

Which ice maker for which use?


If you are planning an outdoor party or a picnic where you need ice, a portable ice maker is a must for you. Portable ice makers are extremely handy in terms of ice, but they can churn out a lot of ice. A standard portable ice maker can make up to 15kg of ice in a day and that is a lot of ice. The PolyCool portable ice maker is a good product in this category.


It is possible that there is lack of space inside your kitchen to install your ice maker. In such a case, you may need to find space below a counter to install the machine. The Polar ice maker is designed in a manner that it can easily fit below any counter in your kitchen. When the installation is done, you will see that you made the best use of the available space.


If you want to make those smoothies then you will need crushed or flaked ice. Ice nuggets also make beautiful looking ice. You may also need gourmet ice that is hard and can be shaped in different ways as per the theme of the party. Look for an ice maker that can make all these ices.

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