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If entertainment is what you thrive on, an iPod docking station is a perfect accessory for you. With this accessory, not only can you connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone to your speakers, but also connect your laptop and convert it into a temporary desktop. To cut everything short, if you have an Apple device, it is a great idea to invest in an iPod docking station. You will love the versatile multimedia experience offered by your docking station. There are some top tips, products and manufacturers that you should know about to get the best iPod dock station for you: Read buying guide

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  • Onkyo Ds-a5 Ipod/iphone/ipad Dock With 30 Pin Connection - Black (ONDSA5B)
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Buying guide

Choosing your iPod Docking Station


Look at compatibility

Compatibility is what you first need to consider before purchasing an iPod docking station. There are different versions of the iPod – shuffle, nano and iPod touch and each of these devices will require different types of connections. Finding out about compatibility is no great shakes. You know the version of iPod that you have and you can easily check online whether a particular iPod docking station is compatible with it or not. The other option is to buy an appropriate adapter that helps you connect your device with the docking station.


Check out iPod docking station that allows you to connect MP3 players

Some of these docking stations also allow you to connect other MP3 players provided they have a 3.5mm jack. The options are not too many and you may need to look around a bit. So, it is worthwhile checking for this too as you go through the various iPod docking stations available online.


Recharge your device while you play media

There are certain iPod docking stations that can also recharge your iPod. This is an additional facility that could prove to be highly useful when you are enjoying media stored in your iPod. With this functionality, you can ensure that your iPod battery doesn’t run out as you play music on the docking station.


iPod docking stations with multiple connectivity

There are iPod docking stations that allow you to connect two devices at the same time. What you can probably do is play multimedia from one device and charge the other device at the same time. Or, you can switch between the connected devices so that it is your favourite music that plays all the time.


Control your iPod docking station remotely

Remote connectivity is something that some of the iPod docking stations offer. Some of the docking stations have remote controls that allow you to change the multimedia whenever you want and while you are still sitting in your couch. You don’t need to get up to change the multimedia and so you can be the perfect couch potato! Some of the iPod docking stations also have handheld Bluetooth modules that allow your iPod to connect with the docking station so that you can use it as a remote control.


Get the right sized iPod docking station

Size does matter when it comes to purchasing iPod docking stations. Large docking stations will often have more powerful sound, but they will not be easily portable then. And portability is one the best benefits of any iPod docking station. If you want a docking station to stay home waiting to play your delicious music, then invest in a big and powerful one. If you like your music to move along with you any time, check out the best small sized products (and prefer big brands cause they'll be more durable).


Consider the design too

Last but not least, it may be worthwhile considering the design of the available iPod docking stations. An elegant looking piece will enhance the aesthetics of the room where it is kept. You can choose originality ort buy a docking station that matches in look with your other devices so that there is a sense of harmony around!


Which iPod docking stations for which use?


If you are looking for a basic iPod docking station and don’t have to bother about syncing, an audio dock is perfect for you. You can enjoy premium quality music from your device and have a great time. Some of the top products in audio docks are Logitech Clock Radio Dock S400i, Samsung DA-E570 and Crosley iDuet Radio CR3010A.


If you are constantly on the move and want an iPod docking station that can be as mobile as you are, there are some excellent choices that you have. You can choose between Electrohome AM/FM Clock Radio with Projection, USB Charging & Auto Time Set and Altec Lansing iM227 Orbit MP3 Speaker.


It is possible that you swear by Apple; there are many like you. It is then best to look for the top docking stations for Apple devices only. The top products in this category are Sony ICF-C05iP or Edifier Tick Tock Apple Dock IF-230D, that will also transfor in the perfect alarm clock!


Many of the iPod docking stations allow you to connect your laptop to them. The products that you can look for where your laptop can be connected to the docking stations include Sony ICF-CS15IPN, JBL OnBeat Venue, iHome iW2 and Samsung DA-E570.


As far as the top manufacturers of iPod docking stations are concerned, there are some household names that you can always consider. iHome, Sony, JBL, Philips, Logitech and Altec Lansing have excellent models.

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  • Onkyo Ds-a5 Ipod/iphone/ipad Dock With 30 Pin Connection - Black (ONDSA5B)

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