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Choosing your mouse and keyboard combination

The device

In the conventional system the mouse and keyboard are connected to the computer through cords in the USB ports. With the emergence of this wireless combination, there is no need for any cords and wires for connecting the keyboard and the mouse to the computer. Hence, it provides greater degree of flexibility and convenience of placing the mouse and keyboard wherever you desire without thinking about the cords that can otherwise hamper one's tasks. In the trade, these products now work with the backup of a limited battery. The wireless transmission of signals is possible because of the Bluetooth wireless system that can effectively transmit signals without getting diffracted due to the hindrance of other wireless signals and connections.


Furthermore, the Bluetooth wireless format delivers greater flexibility and longer range in terms of the placement of the mouse and the keyboard in the room. There is yet another advantage of this kind of wireless format: to work around the fact that it now has to deal with a limited battery, their autonomy on these products is exceptional. This means that you don't have to replace or change the batteries of your mouse and keyboard very frequently, even with daily use. The mouse and keyboard combo is designed in such a manner that they support the Bluetooth connectivity and transmit data and signals via the radio frequency up to distances of 100 ft and more. After installing all the simple drivers for these wireless peripherals (most of which are already present in your computer set right out of the store), you will have a combination that is very handy when dealing with space constraints and general need for organization in your workplace.

The trend today

Several years back, Microsoft had released this particular combo of wireless keyboard and mouse in the big market which marked an evolution. This keyboard and mouse combo was marketed under the name of "Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000", and this was in fact the company's fist backlit keyboard. It meant that the wireless combo can be used even in places where there is no light. This was basically designed and developed for the media center computer devices and could run only on Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. But today the scenario is completely different. It is now used in many top multinational companies and even at homes, with most devices being supported by all the major operating systems. This marks how the peripherals manufacturers have been working to attend different needs with each new model, extending the range of choices available for their consumers and building very specific models for very specific needs.


More recent keyboards feature one touch multimedia buttons that can connect you to internet or play a song just with your simple touch. Similarly the wireless mouse also connects with your computer via Bluetooth and use optoelectronic sensor to get the accurate connectivity with the computer device. The market is today flooded with Bluetooth or wireless mouse and keyboards – some of them very simple and straightforward and some of them loaded with as many options as practically possible to attend different needs. You can purchase them separately or, more commonly, in a combo pack that includes both and the signal receptor. The price rates differ according to the brands and companies, and, among the more simple models, the difference between wired & wireless models is not very significant nowadays. The ultimate decision lies with the user though since it depends on the type of usage and requirement.

Which keyboard & mouse for which use?

While the wireless set is definitely the more popular choice lately, the first big decision when buying a keyboard and mouse combo is whether you prefer the comfort and flexibility they offer, or the economy of buying a slightly cheaper, straightforward model and not having to change/recharge batteries. It all comes down to how much you really need the added functions, mobility and desktop space that comes with being able to get rid of the cords. The corded models may very well attend the needs of those who use their computer for more simple activities and in a simpler environment.


If opting for the more recent wireless set technology, however, some other features need to be taken into account depending on the uses and ambient intended for it. How much am I willing to spend? Am I looking for a keyboard that is easy to clean? Do I want larger keys, or softer, more sensitive ones? Do they both need to be sturdier? Do I need a special layout or function for gaming, for example? All of these factors should be taken into consideration – but the good news is, the keyboard and mouse market is one of the broadest and most diverse ones. Keeping what you read here in mind and dedicating a small amount of time for research should guarantee that you will find a keyboard to fit your needs perfectly.

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