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3922-Multi-gyms > BodySolidGymToday’s an age where being fit is a fad. And if you’ve decided to join the beefy bandwagon, you’re probably already scouting for tools to help you achieve that great shape.


So why go for a multi-gym? For one, multi-gyms are the Swiss Army knives of fitness equipment. It’s basically an entire gym squeezed into one machine which means you’ll get all the benefits for less the space. They are a practical solution for people who are more comfortable to do their workouts at home at their own pace.


There’s no denying that multi-gyms are pricey pieces of equipment. But with proper care, this will turn out to be a good investment in the long run. Owning a multi-gym will not only save you from staggering monthly membership fees, but also from transportation expenses going to the gym.


As opposed to using free weights, multi-gyms offer a wholistic workout experience. Exercising just one part of the body isn’t healthy at all, and free weights, being wielded by hand, can only help you hone your upper body muscles, whereas multi-gyms have several stations that targets your upper, mid and lower sections.

Types of Exercises

A good multi-gym should cover several upper and lower body exercises. The most basic ones have at least a high and low pulley, a chest and shoulder press, and leg curl and leg extension station. More sophisticated models might include one or more of the following: abdominal, leg press, chin/dip and chest butterfly modifications. Some brands will offer them as add-ons for an additional fee.

Note, however, that working out should be as seamless as possible. Any prolonged breaks in a single session will disrupt your momentum and may stop you from maximizing your exercise. This is why one must choose a multi-gym that require the least amount of adjustments to go from one station to another.

3922-Multi-gyms > Gym5Pro

Weight support

There are two types of multi-gyms namely, multi-stacks and the non-multi stacks. The former has labeled weight increments of 5-10 lbs adjustable by moving a pin, while the latter will have you guessing how heavy you’re lifting. Multi-stacks are quite helpful if you’re tracking your workout progress systematically.

Some multi-gyms also have dedicated weight stacks for each station while others have a centralized weight system. This determines whether or not the machine can be used by several people at the same time.

A multi-gym’s total resistance should also be proportional to the user’s target body shape. A 200-pound stack should be enough for the average person whose goal is just to tone his/her muscles.


Some multi-gyms are designed for a specific height and weight so be sure to check these out. More advanced machines will allow you to adjust the angle of the seat for comfort, while others have more curves on their cushion to better support your back while lifting weights.

Safety Considerations

Unfortunately, there are no known institutions that monitor the quality standards for multi-gyms at present, and this is why judging how safe the equipment falls mainly on your personal assessment. Of course, you wouldn’t want a machine that will break down sooner than you can tone those biceps, so one recommended test is to give the machine a good shake. If it wobbles too much, it may not be solid enough to withstand a heavy workload.

You may also try using the multi-gym and gauge how much noise the moving parts make. Creaky sounds will definitely indicate too much friction which may lead to early deterioration of your equipment. Finally, try to look for multi-gyms with coated cables because they are known to last 5 times longer.

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