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Buying guide

There is no end to the number of PC games addicts throughout the world. Nothing bad about this – this is a good form of addiction. The game designers are well aware of this fact and this is why, every year, you find new games or newer versions of the existing games being launched. Given a choice, a game addict would want to buy all the computer games available in the market, but this is not possible, as we all know. PC games can be expensive and it is best to make the right choices as per your gaming preferences.




Choosing your PC Game


Identify your favourite PC games genre

Gaming is an enjoyable experience and you should buy those PC games that you enjoy playing the most. There are different genres of computer games available online and it is up to you to decide which genre suits your gaming style the best – in short, you should first look at those genres of games that you love to play. Some of the most popular genres in PC games are action, adventure, arcade, card, racing, sports, hidden objects, RPG, MMORPG and so on. When you visit a website for PC games, apply appropriate filters so that you can look at the top PC games in your favourite genres.


Continue looking for the latest PC games

It is always a good idea to keep the new PC games in perspective. The latest best PC games can be of two types – there will be games that are absolutely new and there will be games that are the latest versions of the existing games. For example, Electronic Arts (EA) launches its new version of FIFA every year and every year EA makes major or minor changes in their games. If you are planning to buy a game, see the latest version available online and ensure that you buy the latest version. Your gaming experience will be superb.





8252-Starwars_battlefront_PCgamesKeep kids away from PC games not meant for them

When you buy PC games, the other members of your family would also love to try their hands on these games. There could be kids at home and hence, you need to be careful when you buy games that are meant for adults. For example, there are games with lots of gore and bloodshed and you don’t want kids to go near these games. There is no harm in you buying these games because they are highly adrenalin boosting – only you should keep these games away from the kids. There are lots of good PC games for kids and you should look to buy a couple of titles for kids at your home to enjoy gaming when you are not playing on your computer.


Ensure compatibility with your PC/Mac

Compatibility is one of the biggest issues that people face when buying PC games. Games are developed keeping the operating systems in mind. For instance, a game that has been developed for Windows will not work on Mac and vice versa. When you go through the list of games in a website, you should find out whether the game you are planning to buy is available for your computer OS or not. Don’t worry about this point because the different versions of the top games are available for all operating systems. You only need to keep this point in mind when buying.


Get the right hardware for PC games

Keep in mind that for certain PC games, you need the right kind of PC hardware. Some of the PC games eat up a lot of space and they need extra memory space and all that. It shouldn’t happen that you install a game and your computer’s performance goes for a toss. And if it is recommended that you should use a joystick to play a particular game, ensure that you get that joystick – it’s all about having fun, isn’t it?


Which PC games for which use?

If you love action games, some of the top PC games to buy are ACTIVISION Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition, Valuesoft Hunting Unlimited 5, Atari Act of War: Direct Action, Atlus RIPD and Codemasters Games Clive Barker's Jericho.


The top adventure games in Canada are LucasArts Star Wars Battlefront, LucasArts Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Farming Simulator, Microsoft Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection and Her Interactive Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy Mystery 19.


Sports games are also highly popular in Canada and the top titles in this genre are NBA 2K15, Electronic Arts Dragon Age: Inquisition, Xsports Adenaline Sports Pack, EA MVP Baseball, EA Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit and Electronic Arts EA Sports 06 Collection (Madden 06, NASCAR Sim Racing, NBA Live 06, NHL 06, Tiger 06).


If you have a Mac, you also have a lot of game titles available. The top selling ones include Masque Publishing Masque Video Slots With 25 Slot Machines, Pop Cap Games Plants Vs. Zombies Goty Limited Edition 3, ACTIVISION Diablo 3, TOPICS Entertainment Super Why! The Power to Read - Standard Edition and Ubisoft Myst 3: Exile.


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