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Even the most simple computer speaker translates into a huge improvement over most default sound reproducers in laptops. Moreover, they are essential if you plan on listening to music or watching movies on your desktop computer without having to be limited or discomforted by headphones. This Shopbot buying guide will assist you in finding the right computer speaker for you.

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Buying guide

Computer SpeakersBuying Computer Speakers

It is true that, currently, most of the computers and laptops come with audio systems and speakers. But most of the times, the sound quality from these gadgets is just plain insufficient. This is where buying computer speakers that suit your needs and requirements can help pump up your computer. Currently, the market is filled with endless choices when it comes to buying computer speakers. Choices range from cheap audio systems to pricey bass powerhouses, which can make a home party arena. Customers can choose between them based on pricing, needs and availability. Special computer speakers are available for movie addicts, music lovers and gamers who like the sound of cars squishing each other. When it comes to buying computer speakers, one must ensure that they get a bang for the buck. This buying guide will take one through different factors that must be considered while buy computer speakers.

Choosing your computer speakers

Choosing a budget

Budget is actually not an issue when it comes to buying computer speakers. This is because even regular and cheaper speakers will change listening experience drastically. Therefore, even $50 worth of computer speakers are way better than the anemic sounds that the regular speakers of the computer can offer. Otherwise, customers can choose between 50 dollars to 700 dollars worth of computer speakers. But mostly, good and decent speakers are available for as cheap as $150. Most of them offer distinctive music and detailed sounds for the money spent. Otherwise, price tags of $200 are good for buying 2.1 and surround sound systems. The quality of drives generally increases with an increase in price.

Where do you plan to listen?

If one is planning on listening music in the office, then mammoth speakers with Surround Sound quality are perhaps not the product that one should opt for. Therein, small speakers that offer clarity of sound are a wiser choice for those who want Internet radio streams or wish to watch YouTube videos. For homes on the other hand, such mammoth speakers are a good option. They can light up the atmosphere of one’s home. In fact, customers can even opt for stylish products that will add beauty to one’s home décor and enhance overall sophistication with their quality sounds and blasts without distortion. Therefore, the place where one seeks to use their computer speakers shall determine the kind of product that is to be invested upon.

Music recording for music lovers

Those who like to create their own music and love the mix and match of sounds can opt for computer speakers that come with music recording features. Studio monitor speakers are an active choice for such individuals. These speakers can represent one’s quality of work in reliable manners and color the sound in such a manner that the flaws such sound of winds and other factors are hidden. Users can choose between dedicated studio monitors to multitasking monitors that also offer high powered speaker sounds.

Notice connections

For those who have limited number of ports of USB on their computer can opt for 3.5 mm mini plug connectors for audio output, but mostly USB powered speakers are known for coming in with a set of extra features, including software technologies. Otherwise, there are speakers which come with SD card slot wherein you can directly plug in the card and listen to music from it. Wireless and Bluetooth streaming sound systems are also quite popular. In fact, there are several kinds of wireless mobile speakers that offer punchy sounds and deep bass frequencies, especially created for those who love to carry their laptop wherever they go.

Want extra features?

There are several users that require extra features for their computer speakers. For example, certain computer speakers come with bass and treble controls so that the user could change them and suit them according to her/his needs. Similarly, some come with Mute button or extra Aux input system for MP3 player plug-in. Based on whether one needs extra features, a computer speaker can be purchased. Speakers with Bluetooth streaming and other remote controlling facilities are also available.

Which computer speaker for which use?

Computer Speakers 2Choosing between different sound systems- Surround, Stereo and 2.1

Start with the basics. Get acquainted with the lingos of sound systems. Currently, three types of computer speakers are popular, which includes Surround Sound, Stereo and 2.1 Stereo simply refers to two speakers, left and right which provide audio. On the other hand, 2.1 is a term used to refer to speakers that have the feature of a subwoofer. Such speakers offer better quality than stereo systems. Surround Sound is a successor of 2.1 and features five to seven speakers along with a subwoofer system. Subwoofer is known for providing deep bass frequencies and can add reasonable volume to audio like explosions of kick of the drums, bass guitars and orchestras. On the other hand, stereo sound speakers can also sound good as their woofers are dedicated to low and mid frequencies that can handle bass response effectively. But smaller stereo speakers don’t offer much bass response.


Surround Speakers are known for their multiple setup. They have a stereo pair along with a subwoofer for their deep bass frequencies and are complimented by a center channel that provides intricate detailing to dialogues and words in songs and movies. They also have rear satellite speakers for passing sounds behind a person and therefore, movie lovers would love to have Surround Sound computer speakers in their home. They will immediately intensify the quality of an audio and enhance one’s movie watching experiences. These systems are also especially designed for gaming lovers who can try brands like Altec Lansing, Razer and Logitech for surround sound systems. For regular usage, simple stereo systems are also sufficient. Therefore, choose speakers based on your needs, budget and sound quality. Remember, even the cheapest speakers can really make a big impact when it comes to the quality of the sound reproduction in your computer system.

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