Kogan Full HD Dash Camera Video Recorder with ADAS (KACARDCFHDA)

Kogan Full HD Dash Camera Video Recorder with ADAS (KACARDCFHDA)

Manufacturer: Kogan

Price : $79.00

Category: Cameras & Drones - Dash Cams

Getting into a car accident is an awful experience. The fantastic recording clarity and innovative safety features of this Full HD dash cam can help to alleviate the hassle involved in accidents, and protect your interests on the road. Keep an eye-witness record of accidents Avoid potential insurance fraud Recording starts automatically when the car is turned on Even works well at night ... View more Added lane departure, low light and driver fatigue warnings Clear LCD display for easy operation and playback Integrated speaker and microphone Continuous loop recording so you never run out of memory Features Ambarella chipset for guaranteed video quality Peace of mind Driving has its dangers, and one of those dangers is other drivers. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, avoid a case of their word against yours. With the Kogan Full HD Dash Camera Video Recorder with ADAS you’ll have proof that you were in the right. High quality Full HD recording With up to 2560 × 1080p video capabilities, this camera ensures that the finer details like license plate numbers, facial features and street signs are all captured in fantastic clarity. Never run out of storage The point of a dash cam is that it should never miss a thing. The Kogan Full HD Dash Camera Video Recorder with ADAS loops recordings, overwriting old content so you never have to replace your memory card. If you have content that you don’t want to be overwritten, simply press the MENU button and the current and previous file (2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes – depending on your settings) will be locked and saved as a READ ONLY file. This will prevent the camera from overwriting it the next time it’s under cyclic recording. Built-in security features With a whole host of additional safety features like motion detection, lane departure warnings and driver fatigue warnings, this dash camera is excellent value for money. Micro SD card not included. ... View less

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