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How To Help Your Baby Go To Sleep With 5 Proven Solutions

Getting a baby under the age of 2 to sleep can be a difficult process and one that can seriously affect your life. If the baby doesn’t sleep then nor will you, so here we examine ways that you can get your baby to sleep.

Baby Wedges

Baby wedges hold the baby in place and prevent them from rolling and waking. Also known as sleep positioners, these products can help the baby to stay more comfortable and in doing so can help you and your baby to sleep.

Help Your Baby Go To Sleep
Baby wedge

For a safer baby and a lovely shaped head. HEADwedge tucks well under the Sleepwrap on alternate head sides underneath the shoulder. Also tucks behind baby’s back when side sleeping.

Sleep Aids

Sleep aids come in a range of different forms. They include scents that are sprayed onto the pillow of the baby to create a routine of association that helps them to sleep. Teddy bears that play a recording of a heartbeat and breathing can also help a baby to sleep. Originally designed for premature babies that had to spend time away from their mothers, this sleeping aid can be very effective in making the baby more comfortable sleeping alone.

SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid


The SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid helps comfort and settle your baby to sleep. With 4 soothing sounds, you can choose between a heartbeat, pink noise, lullaby & waterfall. Two light options also help settle the baby and show you the way: a calming pink glow & soft white night light. Soft, plush, and portable, the SnuzCloud attaches to your crib, cot, pram or car seat!

Tommee Tippee – Rechargable Light & Sound Sleep Aid

sleep aid
sleep aid

Designed to help parents and babies get a good night’s sleep. With 6 soothing sounds and a gentle warm glow to help settle the baby to sleep. When the baby stirs, the intelligent CrySensor automatically activates the last sound selected to help the baby resettle on its own.

Baby Shusher

baby shusher
baby shusher

How to get your baby to sleep… Don’t lose your voice shushing your baby to sleep. The Baby Shusher is made to capture the attention of an upset child and rhythmically shush them into a calm demeanor or nap. Makes a great gift – for newborns and up


Pacifiers or dummies will help babies to sleep because they can satisfy the suck reflex. Babies feed by sucking and this reflex can often wake them. With the pacifier, however, the baby will continue to sleep for longer. With a routine of sleeping when the pacifier is given, your baby can get into the habit of going to sleep when you desire it.

Tommee Tippee Cherry Latex Soothers


They have an orthodontic baglet, shaped like a bottle teat to encourage your baby to suck in the same way as if they were breastfeeding.

Tommee Tippee Soft Rim Latex Soothers

soothers baby
soothers baby

Tommee Tippee Soft Rim Latex Soothers/Pacifiers 6-18m are made from a natural rubber latex for comfort and safety

Noise Machines

Noise machines can help your child to get to sleep because it simulates the noises heard in the womb. In the womb, the heartbeat is heard and other low-frequency sounds are therefore comforting to the baby. Noise machines will normally turn off after 20 minutes when the child has gone to sleep and can be used to help get your little one off to sleep each night.

Whish White Noise Sound Machine


A brand new White Noise and Sound machine from Yogasleep, features eight white noise options, including ‘fan’ or the popular ‘signature sound’ of the Yogasleep Dohm – or opt for nature sounds, sleep songs, or meditation soundtracks.  Whish works all night long to drown out the random noises that would have woken you or your baby. Fewer disruptions equal a more solid and deeper sleep helping you to rise feeling more rested and restored.

Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine


The Hushh is from Marpac, makers of the beloved Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine. Hushh is a portable electronic sound machine designed to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere.  The Hushh cradles your baby in soothing sound to create a comforting, consistent sound environment for sleep.   

Bathtime Routine

Creating routines is very important in getting babies to sleep and bathtime routines are great for this. The bath will make the baby warm and comfortable and you can also use lavender-scented soap that will help them to sleep.

Help Your Baby Go To Sleep

Wrap it up

With these tips, you can help your baby to sleep and can enjoy a better rest each night too. Just hang in there, soon your little bundle of joy will be sleeping through the night.

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