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Rugby, which originally evolved from Soccer, remains one of the most popular sports worldwide. But unlike Soccer, purchasing the right ball is not that obvious. All are not made equal or for the same purpose, and it is thus necessary to know what kind of ball truly fits your need. Usually made of synthetic or leather fibers, Rugby balls have an oval shape just like the Football ones, but are rounder, with smaller dimples, less pointed ends, and no laces (providing a grip for holding, hiking and passing). There are mainly two kinds of Rugby balls : Match and Training ones. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

How to choose the Perfect Rugby Ball

Whichever category you play in, whatever is your position, ball handling skills are essential and a good Rugby ball is crucial to truly improve your technical skills. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you purchase a Rugby ball:




Originally, Rugby balls were made from pig bladders because of their oval shape. Thanks to synthetic fibers, the ball’s lifetime is longer. Such fabrics are now waterproof and tend to last longer, retaining a perfect shape and a good grip. Practicing on rainy days is not a big deal anymore.


Match Ball vs. Training Ball

Match balls have a firmer grip and are generally not designed for a daily use, rather just for the competitions. More expensive, these top grade balls have an improved grip, firmer, and will be perfect to use for the big games coming up.

On the other hand, whether you are a junior or a senior, a beginner or a pro, you would rather use Training balls to train and perfect your Rugby skills. Cheaper and slightly softer, Training balls are better adapted to a daily or recreational use.

Leather Rugby Balls

Leather Rugby balls are commonly used around the world. However, one of the main issues with this kind of balls is that leather tends to absorb moisture. The added moisture weighs the ball down, hindering its performance. The extra weight changes its performance dynamics and makes it difficult for players to handle. While this ball would be ideal for hot summer days, it is not convenient to use on rainy days. 


Water-Proof Rugby Balls

 Unlike leather Rugby balls, a waterproof ball is more consistent in its performance, even if it is raining. It is coated with synthetic materials that prevent the added moisture from weighing it down. Thus, the ball behaves the same way, with no consequences to your handling skills. You can identify how strong a ball actually is by inflating it and testing its grip.


Rugby balls come in a range of sizes. Choosing the right size is extremely important as it affects your ball handling skill and makes passing more difficult. Normally, you can identify the size you need according to your age and body.

If you are willing to purchase an adult ball, choose a size 5. But if you are buying it for a child from the age of 6 upwards, you can base your decision on the following table.


balls size



However, a child that is, for his age, taller and stronger would obviously be able to play with a bigger ball. If your child is younger than 6 years old, you could also focus on sizes 1 or 2; often sold as souvenir balls.

Purpose of Use

Do you play rugby everyday? Do you like to play rugby out on the beach? You need to answer these kinds of questions to make the best choice.


A Weighted Rugby Ball for Everyday Practice

If you want both to improve your performance and make your practice sessions more constructive, a weighted rugby ball would be perfect. It is twice heavier than the usual match ball and great for players willing to improve their wrist strength.


A Beach Rugby Ball for Those Sunny Days Out 

 You can get customized Rugby balls for all kinds of occasions. This includes the beach Rugby ball that is primarily designed for sandy beaches. The ball, being seamless, resists to high pressures of air and water. You do not have to worry about sand getting into the ridges of the ball.


Hand Sewn Leather Rugby Balls 

 Hand sewn leather balls are stunning and are great to look at. While they are not generally the best kind of balls you would use for practice, they make great gifts for Rugby lovers.

So, these are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting Rugby balls to ensure you make the right choice, suiting either your own needs or a child’s one. Thus find the right ball, for the right purpose.

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  • Gilbert Replica Rugby Union Football - Size 5 - 100% Synthetic - Wales (13833)
  • Gilbert Attack Rugby Union Football - Size 5 - 100% Synthetic - Pink/green (13827-PIN-5)

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