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In the domain of gaming consoles, Sony is one of the big three names. The Sony PS4 is perhaps the most popular of all the gaming consoles ever and with the controllers, the experience is massive. With the best Sony PS4 controllers, your gaming experience is complete. Shop online and you will love the options.


What to look for in Sony PS4 controllers?


Buy additional controllers than what is there in the package

When you buy a PS4, there are some controllers included in the package. You don’t need to buy these controllers again – only if you don’t want to enhance your gaming experience. For instance, the Sony PS4 Dualshock controller is already there in the package. But for gaming with your friends, you would want to buy additional controllers. For greater experience, a wireless headset and a PS4 camera should be included in your purchase.


Shop carefully for third-party controllers

There are many third-party controllers available for Sony PS4 – Barracuda, Flight Stick, Dance Mat and Racing Wheels. All these controllers enhance your gaming experience, but you should only buy the best products from the top sellers online.


Buy the essentials like charging stations

Don’t forget the essentials like the Sony PS4 controller charging station. Your PS4 will get charged faster with a Sony PS4 dualshock charging station, allowing you to play your games even more. Look for the Sony PS4 controller warranty for every controller you buy.


How to choose your Sony PS4 controller according to your need?


Buy a fast charger to keep gaming

Some of the Sony PS4 controllers need to be charged. The Sony PS4 wireless controller is one of these. So, along with the wireless controller, you should also buy the Sony PS4 controller charger. If your controller gets discharged, you will not be able to play. A fast charger is what you need if you are very much into gaming.


Buy compatible controllers

Of course, the compatibility issue has to be kept in mind related to Sony PS4 controllers. The Sony PS4 Dualshock 4, for instance, has different versions and you should always check in advance that it will work with your PS4.


Choose your controllers depending on your favourite games

You should buy Sony PS4 controllers depending on the kind of games you love to play. If you are a racing game lover, make sure you get the best racing wheel for your PS4. Similarly, a dance mat is essential if you want to show off those groovy moves. Flying games need the flying stick, something you should buy online.


What are the most popular Sony PS4 controllers?

With the Sony DualShock 4 Controller, you are always in control. Dualshock 3 is already one of the best controllers for PS4, but Sony went ahead and launched an even better version 4. Thrustmaster T300 RS gives you the best support for racing games. This PS4 controller allows you get the best response from your racing car and helps you play without the keyboard. Thrustmaster T3PA 3 Pedal Add-On adds that real-life experience to racing games on the PS4. This add-on has the accelerator, the brake and the clutch so that you feel you are actually driving a racing car.



Sony gives you all the options in Sony PS4 controllers and it is you who needs to look at these controllers and buy. Shop online because you can get the exact right controllers at the exact right price. When your PS4 is fortified with the right controllers, the gaming experience is just incomparable.

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